Game 5 (2024?)

Sephonie (2022)

Anodyne 2 (2019)

All Our Asias (2018)

Even the Ocean (Win/Mac, Nov. 2016)

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Anodyne (Win/Mac/Linux, iOS, Android)

A surreal exploration through the mind of a human, Young, told through the use of Zelda-like game mechanics.

Developed 3/12-2/13 with the help of Marina Kittaka, originally released 2013-2-4. Further development until 10/13 culminated in iOS, Android, and Steam releases, as well as a Japanese localization.

SMALL GAMES (PC unless otherwise noted)

Consumed 'Orient'  -  desc

HIROSHIMA 2016: S.H. Visits Japan

A High Fiber, Japanese Empire Cereal (2014/12/31) -  A game about yonsei JpAm and 2nd gen TwAm experience. Recommended!

Red Line Run #518 (8/14)  -  A failed experiement for Ludum Dare about riding the Red Line train in Chicago.

Repetitions (5/14)  -  For an apartment gallery in Chicago, best played in a group of people. A game about speaking while typing.

superstructure (2/14)  -  Explore a small 2D space. For braingale's 3rd EP jam.

ONE AT A TIME (12/13)  -  For Ludum Dare 28, poorly sketched out in a few hours. Contemplating commitment and relationships.

secret santa 2013 (12/13)  -  Made in a few hours for a secret santa gift. Save Chicago's art.

friend (10/13-12/13)A music-writing and e-mail answering simulator with art by Alex Van Dorp and sound by Calum Bowen. Done for bo en's Pale Machine Expansion Pak.

mountain (12/12)  -  Build and travel a mountain. Made for TIGSource 2012 Advent Calendar.

Inspiration Dave (1/12-3/12,released 5/12)  -  A semi-long-ish simple platforming game that was a (not great) stepping stone to longer-form game-development.

memory leek (4/12)  -  Save the leeks.

naos (4/12)  -  Paint pictures in a cabin in the woods. Made for Ludum Dare 23.

in an aeroplane over the mystery (3/12)  -  Help children on an crashing airplane(?). Doesn't seem to work anymore. That's okay, though.

yourhythm (3/12)  -  A game where you draw stuff based on your tapping keyboard rhythm with yourself.

stalin's starvation: the true story (2/12)  -  Pirate cart game. Included for completeness, not worth your time.

pirate disco soap jam (1/12)  -  For a short jam, fight pirates(?). Not recommended.

grocery bag (1/12)  -  As a grocery bag, reunite with your lover.

a computer lab story (1/12)  -  Supposed to be a short present for a computer lab I worked at during college. Never finished.

enslaving davement (12/11)  -  A short platforming game for Ludum Dare. Became Inspiration Dave.

the aventure of cap'n shamu in crispy land (8/11-12/11)  -  My first game project with Flixel. Didn't get anywhere, but was used for learning.

high school text adventure (unfinished,6/2010)  -  Some text adventure I tried making at the end of high school. It was about exploring my high school, and didn't really get anywhere..

small the underside mods (early 2008)  -  I made small levels in the unreleased The Underside by arthur lee. vid 1 vid 2

The Awesome Adventure (7/2007)  -  I made this for a Visual Basic class in High School. Included for completeness/amusement. Really awful...

small cave story mods (2006-7)  -  Some small cave story levels I made before high school/freshman year. Included here for completeness. Vid 1

title  -  desc