Walk Geometry 散歩幾何学

Walk Geometry is my (Sean HTCH / Sean Hogan / seagaia)'s current multimedia art project about walking and the shapes and feelings of 3D and 2D spaces. It currently consists of live-narrated videos ("Let's Plays") of real life places such as parks, apartments and retail stores, Let's Plays of video games focused upon the experience and feelings towards spaces within them - games such as Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne. Hopefully such things uncover ways in which the design of spaces affect us (e.g. small, quiet rooms create a sense of needing to be quiet. Blaring music in supermarkets encourages us to not talk and to just shop and zone out). Rather than writing about this, the live format allows viewers to make connections between the space's design and my reaction.

Such Let's Plays can be found at my YouTube channel.

It also consists of a short photo series focusing upon 'units' of architecture within public spaces around Chicago, such as hallways. These photos can be found at my Instagram account.

Example 1
Example 2

In the future I plan to also compose music inspired by the photo series, and possibly including prose poetry or short fiction.

I also want to write some essays about the utility of exercises such as live-narration of real life spaces or games, as they relate to art-making, or specifically, expression within level design in video games.

To a certain extent, my main game project with Joni Kittaka, Even the Ocean, is also part of the Walk Geometry project, where every part of the game expresses different feelings about the game's 2D spaces.

Work on Walk Geometry started around February 2015, its current scope and timeline are unknown.

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