(2016/9): Reconstructing - a Review of the Japanese Version of Dragon Quest Builders

(2016/2 - 2016/4)...(Photography/games/art)
Digital Space Photography: Video Games

The Meaning of The Witness (Critical essay, 3 parts)


(2015/12/31)...(Game design/programming)
2015 in games grievances

(2015/12) (photography/art)
Anxious Mobile Photography and its Alternate Modes of Vision

(2015/12) (Game design/programming)
Three Types of Game State in Even the Ocean

(2015/11) (Art/Politics)
The artist Alexandre Ouairy, his Tao Hongjing Project

(2015/10) (Game development)
Even the Ocean: Designing a game's world map


(2014-5-30) (game design) The Failings of the game Anodyne and moving on to Even the Ocean

Thoughts in game design from one big project to the next...a postmortem. A really long post that is a self-criticism of Anodyne, while also discussing how we plan to work on these issues with Even the Ocean.

Thinking About "Morning Coffee"

2014-4-29 [READ]

A short discussion of a short-form game asking us to think about our morning routines.