I mainly practice photography through mobile phones, Instagram app, and in-game photography (such as screen capture with the PS4). Photography of digital 3D spaces also interests me, and I photograph my own 3D-modeled spaces. "Internet photography", or screen captures of computer screens, web pages, etc, are also of interest to me.

Below are a few projects I'm working on.

Game Geometries - photography from within video games, looking to promote critical ways of looking at video games' digital spaces.

Japanese? - mobile photography from Japan, trying to question the practice of taking a "picture of Japan", and more generally, the challenging idea that it is possible to 'captuer a nationality' through photography.

Below are links to essays on photography I've written. I plan to write about both of the above projects in more detail.

Anxious Mobile Photography And Its Alternate Modes of Vision - 2015/12. A more critical look at the social context of mobile photography, as well as the uses of instantaneous image filtering.